This C++ version of BAT is still being maintained, but addition of new features is unlikely. Check out our new incarnation, BAT.jl, the Bayesian analysis toolkit in Julia. In addition to Metropolis-Hastings sampling, BAT.jl supports Hamiltonian Monte Carlo (HMC) with automatic differentiation, automatic prior-based parameter space transformations, and much more. See the BAT.jl documentation.

Recent and future meetings

Below is a list of selected meetings with talks on BAT. Click on the speaker name to download the talk or on the meeting name to get to the agenda.

Date Title Location Talks
16.04.2015 CHEP 2015 OIST, Okinawa, JP F. Beaujean
24.02.2015 New Physics at Belle II Karlsruhe, DE F. Beaujean
26.–30.05.2014 IN2P3 School of Statistics 2014 Autrans, FR A. Caldwell , D. Greenwald
24.03.2014 DPG Spring Meeting 2014 Mainz, DE F. Beaujean
23.–26.11.2013 School on Bayesian Analysis in Physics and Astronomy Stellenbosch, ZA A. Caldwell , D. Greenwald
20.11.2013 Monte Carlo Methods in Advanced Statistics Applications and Data Analysis MPI Munich, DE K. Kröninger
25.07.2013 LMU ATLAS group seminar Garching, DE F. Beaujean
13.04.2012 Bayes Forum MPE Garching, DE K. Kröninger
06.10.2011 School on data combination and limit setting DESY Hamburg, DE S. Pashapour , J. Grebenyuk
08.04.2011 Statistics Tools School 2011 Mainz, DE S. Pashapour
07.04.2011 Statistics Tools School 2011 Mainz, DE S. Pashapour , J. Grebenyuk
28.03.2011 DPG Spring Meeting 2011 Karlsruhe, DE F. Beaujean , S. Pashapour
24/25.02.2011 BAT Hands-on tutorial Bologna, IT K. Kröninger
19.01.2011 PHYSTAT 2011 CERN, CH A. Caldwell , F. Beaujean , S. Pashapour
18.10.2010 Advanced Topics in Statistics Göttingen, DE A. Caldwell
24.08.2010 COMPSTAT 2010 Paris, FR F. Beaujean
21.05.2010 School of Statistics Autrans, FR D. Kollár
17.03.2010 DPG Spring Meeting 2010 Bonn, DE F. Beaujean
19.10.2009 IMPRS Block course: Probability, Statistics and Data Analysis MPI Munich, DE
26.03.2009 CHEP'09 Conference Prague, CZ D. Kollár
12.03.2009 DPG Spring Meeting 2009 Munich, DE K. Kröninger
14.01.2009 1st BAT day MPI Munich, DE
20.11.2008 Statistical Tools Group Meeting DESY Hamburg, DE K. Kröninger
19.06.2008 Miniworkshop on Statistical Methods DESY Hamburg, DE K. Kröninger
14.05.2008 Ringvorlesung MPE Munich, DE A. Caldwell , D. Kollár
07.03.2008 DPG Spring Meeting 2008 Freiburg, DE K. Kröninger