This C++ version of BAT is still being maintained, but addition of new features is unlikely. Check out our new incarnation, BAT.jl, the Bayesian analysis toolkit in Julia. In addition to Metropolis-Hastings sampling, BAT.jl supports Hamiltonian Monte Carlo (HMC) with automatic differentiation, automatic prior-based parameter space transformations, and much more. See the BAT.jl documentation.


To get started, download the quickstart guide. For more details on the theory behind BAT, the features, the details of the implementation and the example of usage, head over to the introduction. Also, the examples distributed together with BAT contain a lot of in-line comments which should provide help for writing your own models and running with BAT. The tutorials contain walk-throughs on selected statistical problems with complete implementations in BAT. Finally, the reference guide is generated automatically from the source code and shows the documentation of all classes, methods, etc.

Download   BAT quick start guide (PDF)   - last update 19.01.2015

Download   Short introduction to BAT (PDF)   - last update 19.01.2015

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