This C++ version of BAT is still being maintained, but addition of new features is unlikely. Check out our new incarnation, BAT.jl, the Bayesian analysis toolkit in Julia. In addition to Metropolis-Hastings sampling, BAT.jl supports Hamiltonian Monte Carlo (HMC) with automatic differentiation, automatic prior-based parameter space transformations, and much more. See the BAT.jl documentation.

BAT Models

Model Description Level
BCEfficiencyFitter Fits a function to the ratio of two histograms assuming binomial uncertainties basic
BCGraphFitter Fits a function to a graph with Gaussian uncertainties basic
BCHistogramFitter Fits a function to histogram assuming Poisson uncertainties basic
BCTemplateFitter Fits a set of histograms (templates) to a data histogram intermediate
BCSummaryTool Provides a collection of summary outputs for a model intermediate